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Visites en groupe au Naturospace d'Honfleur - Serre Tropicale en Normandie The Naturospace Butterfly House offers “discovery expeditions”, adapted to group expectations be they adults or children of any age. Booking with our reception staff is required for you to enjoy the advantages our custom group tour offers.

Opening times


Open daily
  09.30 am / 6.30 pm non stop
  09.30 am / 6.30 pm non stop
  09.30 am / 7.30 pm non stop

  from 25/12/2021
  from 14/11/2021 to 17/12/2021 Butterfly House will be closed december 25 and january 1rst Ticket office closes 45 minutes before closing time visits
Group rates

Group rates apply for more than 15 people to 200.
2020 RATES
Adults 7,90€  Free admission for 1 accompanying guide per coach
Schoolchildren 5,80 €  April to August included (free admission for accompanying adult: 1/8 nursery school children, 1/10 others)
Schoolchildren 4,80 €  During other months
Online booking
Reception and visit

The minimum required for a group is 15 people. Beyond the figure of 150 people, we plan to space out coach arrivals. Our animal guides welcome each group individually for an initial explanatory presentation followed by the screening of a film on the life of butterflies, “Metamorphosis Papilionum”, featuring extraordinary frames. The group is then taken by one of our biologists into the tropical area for a while. The latter highlights a number of points of interest and answers questions. The visit ends on a time of leisurely observation.
Coach parking

Coach access and parking in the immediate vicinity of the Naturospace Butterfly House are permitted with a special dispensation. It will be provided with your booking confirmation.
School groups

The Naturospace Butterfly House offers groups of children a unique opportunity to observe the living world. Creating a shock before the beauty, peculiarity or gigantism of the tropical world is the Naturospace’s daily task. This wonderment naturally causes visitors to take an interest in it and suggests they understand what goes on within it. The specific ecosystem allows for numerous observations in ideal conditions: the climate, the water cycle, the life of animals and plants, and the interaction of species within their own environment... Plan your arrival When booking, we provide a code with which you can download our educational documents below. On request when booking, topics that have been studied beforehand in class can be the subject of further development and observation on the premises.
Quelques mots aux enseignants
Guide pédagogique moyens (cycle 2)
Guide pédagogique grands (cycle 3)
Fiche d'information
Flyer Naturospace
Discover the Green Odyssey on www.relais-sciences.org/odv and download experiment sheets.