As a unique place of interest to visit in Honfleur, the Naturospace is a zoo unlike any other, located in Calvados, Normandy. A visit on your tourist agenda which is 100% novel.

Over a 218-yard footpath, inside this covered and air-conditioned 11,000 ft² site, discoveries and travel occur in direct contact with nature. The visitor walks under the gallery of a “carbet”, a traditional Guyanese wooden hut, and finds himself carried thousands of kilometers away. He then discovers all the charms of an exotic setting: amongst this luxuriant nature, butterflies and birds fly freely around him. Touring the Naturospace Butterfly House in Honfleur helps you become imbued with the unique tropical forest atmosphere and its functioning. Special facilities provide ideal observation conditions which would be impossible to find out in the wild… The Naturospace Butterfly House aims to favour discovery and travel through direct contact. It enables you to become imbued with the unique rainforest atmosphere and its functioning.
The Naturospace has been specially designed so that butterflies and birds may develop a behaviour pattern similar to their peers in their natural environment. As a major stakeholder in the Calvados tourism industry, the Naturospace Butterfly House is adapted to welcome a large audience whilst abiding by the highest standards of comfort and safety. It is an ideal place for families – even accompanied by very young children – photographers, naturalists or inquisitive wonderers to visit in Honfleur, as well as school classes and all nature enthusiasts.

A film on butterflies

To begin their tour, the public may get settled in the screening room and watch a new short documentary recounting the life of butterflies: “metamorphosis papilionum”, directed by Yves Lanceau and Nathalie Truchet, featuring magnificent slow motion sequences shot at 2000 frames per second.

The Naturospace Gift Shop

To keep a lasting souvenir of this faraway journey, the Naturospace Gift Shop offers a variety of items related to travel, exoticism and discovery.

The Naturospace, a stakeholder in the Calvados tourism industry