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vacances à Honfleur : admirer des papillons

The jungle that makes up the butterfly glasshouse has never been as lush! The Naturospace is all set for a new year which will be packed with surprises. The Naturospace in Honfleur is definitely the place to go during February half-term! Just in time for half-term, the Naturospace Butterfly House in Honfleur has opened its …

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Touraco à joues blanches en liberté dans l'espace équatorial du Naturospace à Honfleur.

Mr. Turaco… His cheeks are white, as his name suggests, he sports a metallic blue tail, wings that are green and red underneath… A male turaco has just made his appearance at the Naturospace Butterfly House in Honfleur, flying from tree to tree in search of food. As a frugivorous species whose presence has been …

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Lori des Moluques

The glasshouse team has also been striving to introduce new tropical bird species in 2015. Two female Chattering Lory (Lorius garrulus – Linnaeus 1758) have joined their rainbow lorikeet cousins in the equatorial area. This species native to Indonesia is a very fine-looking bird, of a curious and playful disposition as are all lorikeets. It is …

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The Naturospace has welcomed new exotic plants from the French National Museum of Natural History… which will delight both visitors and our glasshouse residents. Originating from the French National Museum of Natural History’s tropical glasshouses, rare plants have come to enrich this equatorial park which was already the only one of its kind and member …

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